Brakes are used when stopping your vehicle creating heat that will wear the brakes and brake components over time. Having our trained automotive technicians inspect these components regularly can help to ensure proper operation. Brake systems, styles and sizes vary from vehicle to vehicle, but the concept of most braking systems work in a similar way.

The most common brake types are drum and disc brakes. Drum brakes contain brake shoes, drums, hydraulic wheel cylinders, springs, and adjusters. Disc brakes contain brake pads, rotors and calipers. All of these components, including the brake pedal and brake fluid, should be checked during a brake inspection service to help ensure the safety of you and your passengers.

Periodic inspections and servicing of your drum or disk brakes can prolong larger repairs and costly caliper replacements, while also ensuring your brake system continues to operate as it should.

If you are wondering if a brake replacement, inspection or service is right for your vehicle, please contact a member of our service staff via email, message or phone call.