The steering and suspension system on your vehicle is responsible for maintaining comfortable riding conditions, proper steering, handling and driver performance. Suspension system components, like coil springs and shock absorbers, help to dampen the impact of bumps or uneven roads. Additional components like ball joints, bushings and control arms may vary in configurations and styles, but just the same, all suspension system components will weaken over time through stress, even with normal driving conditions.

Off-road or uneven roads can wear down suspension components even faster.Worn suspension components can reduce the stability of your vehicle and the control of the driver. Because your vehicle’s suspension system components work together, issues that go untreated have the potential to increase the wear on other suspension components, which may result in more extensive repairs down the road. Excessive bouncing, swaying over bumps or intermittent control while accelerating or braking can be a sign of worn parts in your suspension system. Shaky, unsteady, off-center, uneven tire wear or clunks over bumps are signs to have your steering or suspension system inspected by an automotive technician.

At Ina Auto Service our technicians are trained to inspect your steering and suspension components, diagnose the issue and recommend the appropriate repair required.

If you experience any issues with your suspension or steering components, or you feel like something just isn’t right, please call, message or email us to make an appointment.